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ATR 72/42 - Nitrogen air 3520 test box

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P/N: TMHGA50-00-00

Country: ESTONIA

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ATR 72/42 - Nitrogen Air 3520 Test Box (Part Number: TMHGA50-00-00)

The Nitrogen Air 3520 Test Box, with part number TMHGA50-00-00, is designed specifically for the ATR 72/42 series aircraft. Its primary function is to facilitate accurate testing and calibration of the aircraft's nitrogen pressure levels within its tires or other systems requiring nitrogen. Compact and durable, this tool is an essential component for routine maintenance and safety checks.


  • Model: Nitrogen Air 3520 Test Box
  • Part Number: TMHGA50-00-00
  • Aircraft Compatibility: ATR 72/42
  • Pressure Range: Up to 3,000 PSI (pounds per square inch)
  • Accuracy: ± 1% of full scale
  • Connectors: Standard ATR series adapter fittings
  • Construction: Rugged aluminum casing with protective rubber edges
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Detailed Description:

The ATR 72/42 - Nitrogen Air 3520 Test Box, part number TMHGA50-00-00, is an essential testing apparatus designed for precision and reliability. It provides technicians with a highly accurate pressure reading essential for the proper inflation of aircraft tires, which is critical to safe operations and longevity of the aircraft tires. The capability to test up to 3,000 PSI allows for use in a variety of pressure testing scenarios, ensuring broad application across the ATR 72/42 series aircraft. Accuracy is paramount in aircraft maintenance, and this test box delivers with a fine-tuned calibration to ± 1% of the full scale. The construction is robust, with an aluminum casing and protective rubber edges that ensure the device can withstand the rigors of daily use in a demanding aviation environment. Connectors are made to suit standard ATR series adapter fittings, guaranteeing compatibility and ease of integration with existing maintenance kits. The dimensions and weight of the tool are optimized for portability without sacrificing sturdiness. Furthermore, [Provide warranty information] ensures that aerospace professionals can rely on this tool for continual, long-term use. Investing in the Nitrogen Air 3520 Test Box equips maintenance crews with a trusted tool that streamlines processes and upholds the highest safety standards.