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P/N: HIX3008


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LOCK OUT PIN - Part Number: HIX3008

The HIX3008 Lock Out Pin is a precision-engineered tool designed for securing aircraft components during maintenance and repair operations. This tool ensures the stability and safety of critical parts, preventing unintended movements and potential damage.

  • Part Number: HIX3008
  • Material: High-strength alloy steel
  • Diameter: 0.375 inches (9.525 mm)
  • Length: 3.5 inches (88.9 mm)
  • Finish: Corrosion-resistant coating
  • Weight: 0.25 lbs (113.4 grams)
  • Operating Temperature Range: -65°F to 250°F (-54°C to 121°C)
  • Compliance: Meets FAA and EASA standards

The HIX3008 Lock Out Pin is crafted from high-strength alloy steel, providing exceptional durability and reliability under demanding conditions. Its 0.375-inch diameter and 3.5-inch length make it suitable for a wide range of aircraft applications, ensuring a secure fit in locking mechanisms. The corrosion-resistant coating enhances longevity, making it ideal for use in various environmental conditions. Weighing just 0.25 lbs, it is lightweight yet robust, facilitating ease of handling and installation. The HIX3008 operates effectively within a temperature range of -65°F to 250°F, ensuring consistent performance in extreme conditions. This lock out pin adheres to stringent FAA and EASA standards, guaranteeing its suitability for professional aviation maintenance tasks. Its precise engineering and reliable performance make it an essential tool for aircraft mechanics dedicated to maintaining the highest safety standards.