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ATR42V00 Air hydraulic tool-kit

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P/N: AE-400

Country: ESTONIA

Manufactured by OEM: No

Quantity: 1


ATR42V00 Air Hydraulic Tool-Kit (AE-400)

The ATR42V00 Air Hydraulic Tool-Kit, part number AE-400, is a specialized toolset designed for the assembly and maintenance of ATR-42 aircraft systems, offering a comprehensive selection of high-quality, durable tools optimized for hydraulic applications.


  • Part Number: AE-400
  • Compatibility: ATR-42 series aircraft
  • Function: Hydraulic system maintenance and assembly
  • Set Contents: Variety of hydraulic wrenches, gauges, and adapters
  • Material: Industrial-grade steel and aluminum
  • Hydraulic Pressure Range: Up to 10,000 PSI
  • Tool Count: 50 pieces (approximate)
  • Case: Hardened protective carrying case included


The ATR42V00 Air Hydraulic Tool-Kit, bearing part number AE-400, caters specifically to the needs of ATR-42 series aircraft maintenance professionals. Carefully curated to ensure all aspects of hydraulic system repair and maintenance are covered, this kit contains a range of precision-engineered tools made from industrial-grade materials to ensure resistance to wear and tear under rigorous use. The selection includes a variety of hydraulic-specific wrenches, each designed to fit exacting specifications, along with gauges that deliver accurate pressure readings up to 10,000 PSI, and a range of adapters to ensure versatility across different tasks. This kit is indispensable for ensuring the integrity and safety of the aircraft's hydraulic systems. Each tool is crafted to facilitate ease of use, boost efficiency, and meet the demands of high-stakes aviation maintenance tasks. The entire kit is organized within a hardened protective carrying case for convenient storage and transportation, ensuring tools remain securely in place and easily accessible during critical maintenance operations. For aircraft mechanics and technicians, the ATR42V00 Air Hydraulic Tool-Kit (AE-400) is a key investment for maintaining operational readiness and extending the service life of ATR-42 aircraft.