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AGA 40 Bar N2 pressure regulator

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P/N: 020205

Country: ESTONIA

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AGA 40 Bar N2 Pressure Regulator - Part No. 020205

The AGA 40 Bar N2 Pressure Regulator, part number 020205, is a high-performance regulator designed for managing nitrogen gas flow in aircraft maintenance applications. Offering precision control and robust construction, it is suitable for a wide range of pressure settings.


  • Product Name: AGA 40 Bar N2 Pressure Regulator
  • Part Number: 020205
  • Pressure Range: 0 to 40 bar (0 to 580 psi) output
  • Connection Type: Standard CGA 580
  • Material: Durable brass body construction
  • Temperature Range: -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
  • Flow Control: Adjustable knob for precise flow adjustments
  • Inlet Pressure: Up to 200 bar (2900 psi)


The AGA 40 Bar N2 Pressure Regulator, with its stringent part number 020205, serves as an essential tool for aircraft maintenance professionals looking to regulate the pressure of nitrogen gas. Fabricated with a resilient brass body, it ensures enduring performance and resistance to the demanding conditions found in the aviation industry. The regulator is capable of adjusting the outlet pressure from 0 to 40 bars, providing versatility for different applications. Its accurate flow adjustment is facilitated through a finely-tuned knob, enabling technicians to achieve the precise gas flow required for various tasks such as tire inflation, strut servicing, or accumulator charging. The regulator is designed to connect seamlessly with standard CGA 580 interfaces, ensuring easy integration into existing systems. Additionally, the product is engineered to function optimally within a wide temperature span, guaranteeing reliable operation in diverse environmental conditions. Each AGA 40 Bar Pressure Regulator is rigorously tested to comply with aviation standards, ensuring peak performance and safety in critical maintenance operations.