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Alpha-probe harness tool

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P/N: 98S31005000000

Country: ESTONIA

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Alpha-probe Harness Tool

The Alpha-probe Harness Tool is designed for precision engagement with aircraft wiring harnesses. It features an ergonomic grip, durable construction, and compatibility with various harness connectors. This tool ensures seamless maintenance tasks involving intricate electrical connections.

Alpha-probe harness test tool for ATR


  • Part Number: 98S31005000000
  • Application: Electrical harness engagement and maintenance
  • Material: High-grade alloy steel
  • Handle: Ergonomically shaped for a comfortable grip
  • Compatibility: Universal design for various aircraft harness connectors
  • Corrosion Resistance: Enhanced protection against common workshop chemicals
  • Weight: Optimized balance for reduced technician fatigue during prolonged use


The Alpha-probe Harness Tool with Part No. 98S31005000000 is a specialized aviation maintenance tool engineered to aid technicians in the delicate task of managing aircraft electrical harnesses. Manufactured from high-grade alloy steel, this tool offers unrivaled durability and a long service life under the rigorous conditions typical in aviation maintenance environments.

Its ergonomic handle is meticulously designed to provide a secure grip, reducing the risk of slippage and increasing precision during use. With a universal design, the Alpha-probe Harness Tool is compatible with a wide array of harness connectors commonly found in aircraft, streamlining the inventory needs of maintenance crews.

The tool's optimal weight distribution minimizes fatigue, allowing for efficient operation during extended maintenance sessions. It is treated with a corrosion-resistant finish, delivering resilience against corrosive substances and ensuring its integrity and reliability remain uncompromised. By employing the Alpha-probe Harness Tool, aircraft mechanics can expect a boost in both efficiency and effectiveness in their electrical harness maintenance procedures.