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Safety collar flap actuator ATR

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P/N: 98S27003011000

Country: ESTONIA

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Safety collar flap actuator ATR

The Safety Collar Flap Actuator ATR with part number 98S27003011000 is a high-performance actuator specifically designed for accurate positioning of flap systems in ATR aircraft models. Engineered for reliability and durability, it is an essential component for maintaining airworthiness and flight efficiency.


  • Part Number: 98S27003011000
  • Application: ATR Aircraft Flap Systems
  • Type: Safety Collar Flap Actuator
  • System Voltage: 115 VAC, 400 Hz (typical)
  • Operational Temperature Range: -40°C to +70°C
  • Certifications: Compliant with applicable ATA-100 and ATR OEM specifications
  • Materials: Corrosion-resistant alloys and high-strength steels
  • Life Cycle: Designed for extended operational life consistent with ATR maintenance schedules


The Safety Collar Flap Actuator represented by the part number 98S27003011000, is a specialized actuator utilized in the flap control systems of ATR aircraft. This actuator is engineered to move flaps into precise positions, ensuring the aircraft meets its required aerodynamic parameters for various flight conditions. This precision is achieved through the actuator's robust design, capable of operating within the power specifications of 115 VAC at 400 Hz, a common industrial aviation standard.

Designed to perform under extreme weather conditions, the actuator operates efficiently within a broad temperature range from -40°C to +70°C. This ensures reliable functionality in diverse climates and reduces the risk of service interruption due to thermal variations. The materials used in the construction of the actuator include high-grade corrosion-resistant alloys and steels that provide structural integrity and guarantee a prolonged service life, aligning with ATR's prescribed maintenance intervals.

Compliance with the aviation industry’s stringent standards such as those delineated in ATA-100 and specifications set forth by the ATR Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is foundational in the design of this actuator. As a critical component in the aircraft's control surface actuation system, the Safety Collar Flap Actuator ATR is integral to maintaining the safe operation of the aircraft, instilling confidence in its performance and reliability throughout the rigors of routine flight operations.