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Main Landing Gear Axle Protector

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P/N: F72913-8 737, F72913-10, F72913-8

Country: ESTONIA

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Main Landing Gear Axle Protector F72913-8 737, F72913-10, F72913-8

The Main Landing Gear Axle Protectors are essential protective components designed specifically for the proper maintenance and handling of aircraft landing gear systems. These tools are crucial in preventing damage to axle threads and ensuring the integrity of the landing gear during servicing tasks.

Aircraft Application

  •  737-100
  •  737-200
  •  737-300
  •  737-400
  •  737-500


  • Part Numbers: F72913-8 737 (for Boeing 737), F72913-10, F72913-8
  • Material: High-grade, aerospace-quality steel
  • Corrosion Resistance: Coating conforms to aviation industry standards
  • Compatibility: Tailored for use on specific aircraft models with precise fitment
  • Usability: Ergonomic design for easy handling and application
  • Durability: Manufactured to withstand rigorous use in an aviation environment


The Main Landing Gear Axle Protectors, with part numbers F72913-8 737, F72913-10, and F72913-8, are indispensable tools for mechanics working on landing gear assemblies. Each protector is engineered to match the exact dimensions of the axle it serves, ensuring a secure and non-destructive fit during application. The use of high-grade steel confers both durability and longevity, while a specialized coating grants resistance against corrosion, which can be particularly beneficial in harsh environments. These protectors are not only designed to shield axle threads, but also to maintain proper alignment and positioning of landing gear during disassembly, transport, or storage. By using these tools, technicians can avoid costly damage that can occur from accidental impacts or thread contamination. As such, the Main Landing Gear Axle Protectors are instrumental in preserving the structural integrity of critical landing gear components, leading to safer operations and reduced maintenance costs over time.