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P/N: 2G8924, FRX209

Country: ESTONIA

Manufactured by OEM: Yes

Quantity: 1


Oil Draining Tool for APU

An essential maintenance tool designed to efficiently drain oil from Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) on aircraft with precision and cleanliness. This tool is compatible with various APU models and ensures a spill-free operation.


  • Product Name: Oil Draining Tool for APU
  • Part Numbers: 2G8924, FRX209
  • Compatibility: Various aircraft APU models
  • Material: Durable, industrial-grade materials
  • Connectivity: Secure and leak-proof connection components
  • Operation: Manual oil drain initiation
  • Dimensions: Sized to ensure a compact fit and easy maneuverability around APU units
  • Weight: Balanced for ease of use without excessive bulk
  • Safety Features: Designed to prevent oil spillage and exposure

Comprehensive Tool Description

The "Oil Draining Tool for APU" with part numbers 2G8924 and FRX209 is an aircraft maintenance tool tailored to facilitate a clean and expedient oil draining process from Auxiliary Power Units. Manufactured from industrial-grade materials, it guarantees durability and resistance to the harsh conditions present in aviation maintenance environments. The tool provides a secure, leak-proof connection to the APU oil system, which is critical for preventing contamination and maintaining a clean work area.

Operators will find the manual initiation of the oil drain straightforward, which allows precise control over the draining process. This tool is sized for convenience, supporting technicians in efficiently navigating the compact spaces around APU units without compromising the tool's effectiveness. The weight is carefully balanced, thereby minimizing fatigue during use, and offering a comfortable grip. Safety is a priority in the tool's design, as it contains features that mitigate the risk of oil spillage and ensure technician safety. Its compatibility with an array of APU models makes it a versatile addition to any aviation mechanic's toolkit.

Overall, the use of this Oil Draining Tool can lead to streamlined maintenance workflow, a cleaner and safer working environment, and reduced downtime for the aircraft, ultimately contributing to more reliable APU performance and longevity.