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HLK 10 Kit - HI-LOK®/ HI-TIGUE® Collar removal tools

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P/N: HLK10

Country: ESTONIA

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HLK 10 Kit - HI-LOK®/ HI-TIGUE® Collar Removal Tools

The HLK 10 Kit comprises precision-engineered tools designed for the reliable removal of HI-LOK® and HI-TIGUE® fastener collars. This kit ensures a non-destructive collar removal process, which is critical for maintaining the integrity of aircraft structures.


  • Part Number: HLK10
  • Kit Components: Collar removal punches, Removal tool bodies, Collar cutters
  • Tool Material: High-grade steel for durability
  • Compatibility: Suitable for various collar sizes on HI-LOK® and HI-TIGUE® fasteners
  • Case Type: Durable, organized carrying case for portability and protection
  • Manufacturer: Certified-Aviation Tooling Brand


The HLK 10 Kit is an indispensable collection of tools for aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) operations. Each tool within the kit has been specifically designed to function with the exacting tolerances of HI-LOK® and HI-TIGUE® fastener systems, minimizing the risk of damage to surrounding components during the collar removal process. Robust construction of the tools from high-grade steel ensures repeated use in harsh workshop conditions while maintaining precision. The inclusion of various sizes of collar removal punches and cutters facilitates working with different fastener sizes, thereby enhancing the kit's versatility across multiple aircraft types. This kit not only raises the efficiency of removal operations but also helps reduce potential downtime due to its ease of use and reliability. The bundled durable carrying case serves to organize, protect, and transport the tools, ensuring they are readily available and in optimal condition for maintenance tasks. The HLK 10 Kit is an essential asset for aviation professionals committed to performing high-quality, cost-effective MRO work.