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Aircraft Attachment Head (CAT5812-7A) (CE)

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P/N: 01-0801-0010, CAT5812-7A

Country: ESTONIA

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Aircraft Attachment Head

The Aircraft Attachment Head (CAT5812-7A) (CE), part numbers 01-0801-0010 and CAT5812-7A, is a precision-engineered tool designed for secure and efficient fastening applications on aircraft. It is certified to meet European conformity standards, ensuring compatibility and safety for use within the aviation industry.

Applications: Bombardier (Business) 6500 | Bombardier (Business) Global 5000 | Bombardier (Business) Global 5500 | Bombardier (Business) Global 6000 | Bombardier (Business) Global 6500 | Bombardier (Business) Global Express | Bombardier (Business) Global Express XRS |


  • Part Numbers: 01-0801-0010, CAT5812-7A
  • Certification: CE Marked
  • Compatible Fastener Types: Various, depending on adaptor used
  • Material: High-grade alloy steel
  • Drive Size: Standard aircraft industry fitting
  • Maximum Torque Output: Specific to aircraft requirements


The Aircraft Attachment Head (CAT5812-7A) (CE) has been meticulously designed for use in high-demand environments where precision and reliability are paramount. Part numbers 01-0801-0010 and CAT5812-7A identify this tool, which boasts a robust construction made from high-grade alloy steel, intended to withstand the rigors of frequent use in aerospace applications. The attachment head is adaptable to a range of fastener types, which enables mechanics to streamline their workflow with a single tool capable of multiple fastening tasks.

This attachment head carries the CE mark, indicating its compliance with European safety, health, and environmental protection standards. Aircraft mechanics can rely on its compatibility and standardized fitting with typical aircraft industry tools and fasteners. While specifics on torque output will vary according to the adapter used and the requirements of the particular aircraft, the tool's design ensures the delivery of consistent and precise torque to ensure a secure and safe fastening every time.

Ease of use and efficiency are at the forefront of the design of the CAT5812-7A. Its integration into maintenance workflows is seamless due to its standard drive size, ensuring it fits widely used wrenches and torque tools in the aviation industry. This attachment head is an essential tool for aircraft mechanics who demand quality, precision, and durability in their equipment. It brings an excellent mix of versatility and performance to any aerospace maintenance and repair operation.