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GPU extension cables and GPU cable trolly

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P/N: NAC0637

Country: ESTONIA

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GSE-6000 GPU Extension Cables with Cable Trolley - Part Number NAC0637

The GSE-6000 series features a robust set of ground power unit (GPU) extension cables accompanied by a durable cable trolley. Designed for efficient power delivery, the cables are suited for a wide range of aircraft maintenance applications, offering reliable connectivity and ease of transport within the hangar or ramp.

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  • Cable Type: High-conductivity copper
  • Length: Available in multiple lengths to suit operational needs
  • Voltage Rating: Compatible with 115V/200V 400Hz GPUs
  • Amperage Capacity: Rated up to 260A continuous duty
  • Cable Insulation: Abrasion-resistant, flexible rubber sheath
  • Connector Type: 3-Pin NATO standard plug and receptacle
  • Cable Trolley Construction: Corrosion-resistant aluminum frame
  • Trolley Wheel Material: Hard-wearing polyurethane for smooth operation
  • Temperature Range: -55°C to +85°C operational
  • Compliance: Meets relevant MIL and aerospace standards
  • Part Number: NAC0637


The GSE-6000 series' GPU extension cables, part number NAC0637, feature high-quality copper conductors ensuring excellent electrical conductivity and minimal power loss. With a variable length option, these cables can span distances as required by maintenance team mobility. The cables withstand heavy load, sustaining 260A continuous current, making them suitable for an array of aircraft, from small turboprops to large jets requiring sustained power for maintenance and diagnostic routines.

The heavy-duty rubber insulation protects the cables against physical damage and harsh environmental conditions encountered in aerospace environments. It also ensures operator safety, along with compliance with stringent MIL and aerospace standards for electrical components. The 3-Pin NATO standard connectors enable universal compatibility with a variety of GPUs and aircraft sockets, allowing for a versatile and reliable power source extension.

Accompanying the cables is a rugged cable trolley, constructed with a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame and equipped with polyurethane wheels designed to roll with ease across the hangar floors or outdoor surfaces. This trolley not only aids in the transportation and organization of the GPU extension cables but also significantly reduces wear and tear, thus extending the overall lifespan of the cables. With the GSE-6000 series, aircraft maintenance professionals can expect dependable performance combined with practical usability in their daily operational needs.