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Chadwick-Helmuth balancer/analyser kit

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P/N: 8500C

Country: ESTONIA

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Chadwick-Helmuth 8500C Balancer/Analyser Kit

The Chadwick-Helmuth 8500C Balancer/Analyser Kit is an advanced diagnostic tool designed for precision balancing and vibration analysis in rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, it is engineered to streamline maintenance processes and improve overall aircraft performance.

  • Smart Chart™ main rotor track & balance
  • Tail Rotor Track and Balance
  • Engine vibration analysis
  • High speed shaft balance
  • Vibration absorber check & adjustment
  • Vibration surveys for up to 36 channels
  • Data collection for trend monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance with VibraLog™ and VibReview™ software tools
  • Stand alone operation for “random” balance point, spectrum or other measurements
  • Vibration surveys for up to 36 channels


  • Part Number: 8500C
  • Compatible Aircraft Types: Rotary-Wing and Fixed-Wing
  • Measurement Capabilities: Vibration analysis and dynamic balancing
  • Display: High-resolution, sunlight-readable screen
  • Connectivity: Available ports for external sensors and USB interface
  • Power Supply: Rechargeable battery with AC adapter
  • Calibration: Self-calibration function
  • Software: Proprietary analysis software included
  • Certifications: Meets or exceeds industry standards for aviation maintenance tools


The Chadwick-Helmuth 8500C Balancer/Analyser Kit is an indispensable tool for aircraft technicians requiring high fidelity in the maintenance and tuning of aircraft systems. Integral to the kit's capabilities is its sophisticated vibration analysis, which allows for the detection and correction of imbalances that can lead to premature wear or performance issues. The kit effectively reduces troubleshooting time and enhances maintenance efficiency by providing accurate, real-time data and analysis. Its compatibility with various aircraft types makes it a versatile addition to any aviation toolset. The analyser features a high-resolution screen that remains clearly visible in different lighting conditions, ensuring easy reading of diagnostics data. With its array features like self-calibration and an intuitive user interface, the tool is user-friendly and requires minimal setup. The kit's portability is accentuated by its rechargeable battery, enabling field operations without reliance on a fixed power source. The 8500C model enhances operational reliability and contributes to the extension of the aircraft's service life through meticulous blade tracking and vibration troubleshooting, resulting in increased safety and comfort during flight.