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Protector FWD ENG kit

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P/N: 000101

Country: ESTONIA

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Protector FWD ENG Kit (Part Number: 000101)

The Protector FWD ENG Kit is an aircraft engine protection kit designed to safeguard forward engine components during maintenance and inspection activities. This comprehensive kit provides durable, fitted coverings tailored specifically for engine-facing sections, ensuring a contamination-free environment and damage protection.


  • Part Number: 000101
  • Compatibility: Forward engine sections of specific aircraft models (please verify with your aircraft maintenance manual)
  • Material: High-durability, resistant fabric
  • Application: Protective covering during maintenance
  • Containment: Resistant to fluids and common chemicals in aviation
  • Fastening: Secure straps and fasteners for a snug fit
  • Kit Contents: Includes covers for key forward engine components
  • Packaging: Robust storage case for transportation and protection of covers


In aviation maintenance, the protection of critical components is paramount. The Protector FWD ENG Kit meets this need by providing tailored coverings that shield delicate forward engine parts from contaminants and physical damage. Constructed from a highly robust fabric, these coverings are designed to withstand the rigors of the maintenance environment, repelling fluids, and chemicals common to aviation activities. They feature secure fasteners that ensure covers remain fixed in place, preventing slippage or exposure during use. The kit is a vital addition to the tool collections of aircraft technicians, needing a reliable solution to preserve engine integrity when it's most vulnerable. Each kit is methodically packed in a durable case, facilitating easy storage and quick accessibility for maintenance crews working in fast-paced environments. The Protector FWD ENG Kit (PN: 000101) ensures adherence to stringent industry standards for maintenance safety and equipment care, offering both efficiency and peace of mind.