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P/N: 763485, FRX179

Country: ESTONIA

Manufactured by OEM: Yes

Quantity: 1


RAT Blade Cover Kit for Bombardier Global

The RAT (Ram Air Turbine) Blade Cover Kit is designed to offer secure protection for the RAM air turbine system on Bombardier Global series aircraft. Engineered for precision fit and durability, this kit includes all necessary components for effective coverage and safeguarding of the RAT blades during maintenance or storage.


  • Part Numbers: 763485, FRX179
  • Compatible Aircraft: Bombardier Global Series
  • Material Composition: High-grade, industrially tested synthetic fabric
  • Installation Type: Slip-on with secure fastening
  • Weather Resistance: Applicable for various climatic conditions
  • Kit Contents: RAT blade cover, fastening straps, installation manual


The RAT Blade Cover Kit offered under the part numbers 763485 and FRX179, is an essential tool for the protection of the RAT system on Bombardier Global aircraft. Each component is manufactured from a high-grade synthetic fabric renowned for its durable properties and ability to withstand diverse environmental conditions, ensuring that the RAT blades are kept in an optimal state during periods of inactivity or servicing.

The kit includes a specifically designed cover which fits securely over the RAT blades, preventing foreign object damage (FOD) and reducing the possibility of corrosion or other environmental impacts. Installation is straightforward due to the slip-on design, complemented by robust fastening straps that provide a tight and secure fit without causing damage to the blade surfaces. This proactive protective measure is vital for maintaining the integrity of the RAT system, which is crucial for emergency operations in aircraft.

Maintenance teams and aircraft engineers will find the included installation manual invaluable, offering clear, step-by-step instructions that ensure proper usage and extend the lifetime of the RAT system. By employing this RAT Blade Cover Kit, operators are investing in the long-term reliability and safety of their Bombardier Global aircraft, reducing maintenance costs and enhancing operational readiness.