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P/N: 019420

Country: ESTONIA

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Wire Crimper 019420

The Wire Crimper 019420 is an essential precision tool designed for creating secure and reliable crimps on a variety of aviation wire terminals and contacts. This tool features an ergonomic handle design for comfortable use over extended periods and ensures consistent crimping through its advanced ratcheting mechanism.


  • Part Number: 019420
  • Type: Ratcheting Crimping Tool
  • Wire Gauge Compatibility: 20-12 AWG (American Wire Gauge)
  • Connector Type Compatibility: Various aviation-specific terminals, including MIL-spec
  • Length: 200mm (approx.)
  • Handle Material: Rubberized grip for comfort and non-slip performance
  • Crimp Profile: Selectable dies for different terminal sizes
  • Adjustment: Precision screw adjustment for crimp pressure
  • Certification: Meets applicable aviation industry standards


The Wire Crimper 019420 is designed with professional aircraft mechanics in mind, crafted to meet the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry. It accommodates a range of wire gauges from 20 AWG to 12 AWG, providing the versatility needed for various wiring tasks within aircraft systems. The tool's precise ratcheting mechanism ensures that each crimp is executed with consistent pressure, resulting in high-quality connections that meet safety and performance standards. The crimp profile can be easily adjusted by selecting the appropriate dies, making it suitable for a wide array of terminal types, including those that adhere to rigorous military specifications. Designed for ease of use, the Wire Crimper 019420 features a rubberized grip that minimizes fatigue and provides a firm hold to reduce slippage during operation. Additionally, the built-in precision screw allows technicians to fine-tune pressure adjustments to account for slight variances in terminal sizes or desired crimp tightness. This crimping tool is verified to meet aviation industry certifications, assuring users of its reliability and quality in professional aircraft maintenance applications. With its robust construction and adaptable design, the Wire Crimper 019420 is a valuable addition to any aircraft mechanic's toolkit, offering dependability and precision that contribute to successful repairs and installations in the aviation field.