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Vacuum pump P1-N

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P/N: PM19627-86

Country: ESTONIA

Manufactured by OEM: No

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Vacuum Pump P1-N

The Vacuum Pump P1-N, part number PM19627-86, is a high-performance, lightweight pump designed for reliable operation in various aircraft pneumatic systems. Known for its efficiency, this pump provides consistent vacuum or pressure for instrumentation and other critical flight systems.

Diaphragm vacuum pump and compressor with integrated fine adjustment valve and vacuum gauge, as well as a silencer and a connection for hoses with an inner Ø of 6 mm (inner Ø 10 mm is optionally available as an accessory). Can also be used as a compressor, provided that no more than max. 2.4 bar overpressure is required.

Performance ranges:

Max. capacity at atm. pressure: 6 litre/min (0.36 m³/h)

Max. vacuum: 0.85 bar (compressive force = 8500 kg/m²)

Max. operating pressure: 2.4 bar

Technical data:

Max. permitted gas and ambient temperature: from + 5 to + 40 °C

Motor: 220 V/50 Hz

Protection type: IP 20

Motor output: 65 W

Current consumption: 0.63 A

Noise level: 58 dB(A)

Weight: 1.9 kg


  • Part Number: PM19627-86
  • Type: Continuous duty, dry operation
  • Operating Voltage: 14 or 28 VDC (specify when ordering)
  • Performance: 4.0 CFM, capable of pulling 25 inches (Hg) of mercury
  • Compatibility: Applicable to both single and twin-engine aircraft
  • Construction Material: Durable aluminum housing
  • Mounting: Versatile flange mount
  • Applicable Standards: Meets or exceeds FAA and RTCA standards


The Vacuum Pump P1-N with part number PM19627-86 is an aviation-grade pump specifically designed for use in aircraft systems requiring a dependable vacuum source. It is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure a steady performance throughout a wide range of operating conditions, making it suitable for both single and twin-engine aircrafts. Its robust aluminum construction not only contributes to the pump's lightweight design but also ensures durability against the rigors of flight operations. The pump's optimal performance is characterized by its capability to maintain a flow of 4.0 CFM with the ability to pull a vacuum of 25 inches of mercury, a critical aspect for reliable instrumentation. The unit operates silently and with minimal vibration, thus reducing potential wear on the aircraft and enhancing passenger comfort. Designed to function efficiently within a broad temperature spectrum, it meets the challenging demands of various flight environments. Moreover, the compliance with FAA and RTCA standards underscores its suitability for aviation applications. The P1-N model’s compact design and versatile flange mount offer straightforward installation, ensuring that aircraft downtime for maintenance is minimized. This product's reliability and superior quality make it an excellent choice for aircraft manufacturers and maintenance crews looking to enhance or replace their vacuum system components.