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P/N: MK3

Country: ESTONIA

Manufactured by OEM: No

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MK3 Tyre Inflation Tool

The MK3 Tyre Inflation Tool is a precision-engineered device designed for fast and accurate inflation of aircraft tires. It features a robust construction and an easy-to-read gauge for reliable pressure measurements.


  • Part Number: MK3
  • Pressure Range: 0-300 psi (0-20.68 bar)
  • Pressure Resolution: 1 psi (0.07 bar)
  • Connection Type: Threaded air hose fitting
  • Compatibility: Standard aircraft tire valves
  • Material: Durable aluminum body
  • Gauge Diameter: 3 inches (76.2 mm)


The MK3 Tyre Inflation Tool is indispensable for maintaining the proper tire pressure in aircraft, which is critical for safe flight operations. Manufactured from high-grade aluminum, the tool is both lightweight and rugged, ensuring durability in the demanding environment of aircraft maintenance. The integral pressure gauge has a large 3-inch diameter for clear visibility, yielding precise readings to guarantee accurate inflation. This tool connects securely to standard aircraft tire valves via its threaded air hose fitting, ensuring a leak-free seal and safe operation. The MK3 is calibrated to deliver pressure measurements within a range of 0 to 300 psi, with a fine resolution of 1 psi, allowing for fine adjustments as necessary for different aircraft weight classes and tire specifications. The MK3 is explicitly designed for ease of use in the field. Its ergonomic shape and simple operation facilitate quick tire inflation and monitoring, helping mechanics maintain tight schedules and ensuring aircraft are ready for safe take-off. This tool is essential for any aviation maintenance crew seeking to uphold rigorous safety and performance standards in their fleet.