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Thrust reverser rigging kit

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P/N: G601-780002-177

Country: ESTONIA

Manufactured by OEM: No

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Thrust Reverser Rigging Kit G601-780002-177

This Thrust Reverser Rigging Kit G601-780002-177 is engineered for precision alignment and adjustment of thrust reverser components during installation and maintenance procedures, ensuring optimal performance and safety of aircraft thrust reverser systems.

Thrust reverser rigging kit for CRJ.


  • Part Number: G601-780002-177
  • Compatible Aircraft: Specified commercial jet models (please refer to the compatible model list)
  • Material: Aerospace-grade materials compliant with industry standards
  • Included Components: Alignment gauges, locking pins, adjustment fixtures, and detailed usage instructions
  • Case Dimensions: Compliant with ATA 300 specifications
  • Tool Certification: FAA-approved where applicable


The Thrust Reverser Rigging Kit part number G601-780002-177 is a comprehensive tool set designed for the correct alignment and rigging of thrust reverser systems. Each component within the kit is crafted from high-quality materials, conforming to stringent aerospace standards to withstand the rigors of regular use in the demanding aviation maintenance environment. The kit facilitates accurate positioning and securing of thrust reverser cowlings and their associated mechanisms, which is critical to maintaining the functionality and safety of the reverse thrust system during aircraft landings. The rigging kit includes various tools such as alignment gauges, which are essential for confirming the precise alignment of components; locking pins for securing moving parts during maintenance; and adjustment fixtures for fine-tuning the reverser system operation. Detailed instructions are provided to ensure correct usage of each tool, contributing to efficient and reliable maintenance workflows. Housed in a robust case that meets ATA 300 standards, the G601-780002-177 rigging kit provides a portable and organized solution for technicians working in diverse maintenance environments. The kit's efficacy and reliability not only enhance the safety of maintenance operations but also reduce the risk of costly equipment damage and aircraft downtime, thus supporting the operational efficiency of airlines and maintenance facilities.