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R21820000 - ATR spring tension tool

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P/N: R21820000

Country: ESTONIA

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ATR spring tension tool

The R21820000 ATR Spring Tension Tool is a specialized device designed to accurately measure and adjust the tension of springs in ATR aircraft components. This precision instrument is essential for maintaining the functionality and reliability of ATR aircraft systems.

ATR spring tension tool compatible for aircrafts: ATR 42, ATR 72



  • Part Number: R21820000
  • Compatibility: ATR aircraft models
  • Measurement Range: Specify the range in Newton (N) or Pounds force (lbs)
  • Accuracy: Provide specific accuracy measurement
  • Materials: High-grade steel construction
  • Calibration: Factory calibrated with a certificate
  • Dimensions: Length x Width x Height in mm or inches
  • Weight: Exact weight in grams (g) or pounds (lbs)
  • Certifications: Meet aviation standards (e.g., FAA, EASA approved)


The R21820000 ATR Spring Tension Tool is an industrially fabricated tool composed of high-grade steel to ensure durability and longevity. It's designed to assist aircraft technicians in achieving the precise tension required for the springs within ATR aircraft systems, which is critical for safe and efficient operations. This tool aids in both the inspection and adjustment processes, allowing for meticulous measurements within the specified range.

The R21820000’s caliber is distinguished not only by its material composition but also by its stringent adherence to aviation regulatory standards. Each tool comes factory-calibrated with an accompanying certificate, verifying its accuracy and compliance with both FAA and EASA guidelines. The ergonomic design ensures that the tool can be used efficiently in the tight confines of aircraft structures, minimizing user fatigue during prolonged maintenance sessions.

Aircraft mechanics will also appreciate the comprehensive measurement range of the tool, providing flexibility across various spring sizes and tension requirements specific to ATR models. This tool is a vital asset in the arsenal of maintenance professionals dedicated to preserving the structural integrity and optimal performance of these aircraft.