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CRJ jacking pads kit

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P/N: G601R071001-1

Country: ESTONIA

Manufactured by OEM: No

Quantity: 1


CRJ Jacking Pads Kit

The CRJ Jacking Pads Kit, designed for regional jet maintenance, includes precision-engineered pads for secure aircraft lifting operations. This kit, corresponding to part number G601R071001-1, ensures stable support and compatibility with CRJ series aircraft.


  • Part Number: G601R071001-1
  • Aircraft Compatibility: CRJ Series
  • Material: High-strength Alloy Steel
  • Finish: Corrosion-resistant Coating
  • Load Rating: Compliant with CRJ aircraft jacking limits
  • Connection Type: Precise fit interface for aircraft jack points
  • Kit Contents: 4 Jacking Pads
  • Packaging: Durable Case for Storage and Transportation
  • Certifications: Manufacturer's Certification of Conformance included

Comprehensive Description:

The CRJ Jacking Pads Kit, part number G601R071001-1, is an essential collection of tools for maintenance professionals working on CRJ Series aircraft. Each jacking pad in the kit is crafted from high-strength alloy steel to ensure durability and the ability to withstand the load requirements prescribed for these aircraft during lifting operations. A corrosion-resistant coating enhances longevity and performance under various environmental conditions.

The pads are meticulously designed for a precise interface with the aircraft's jack points, promoting secure and stable lifting without damage to the airframe. With load ratings that align with the CRJ's jacking limits, mechanics can confidently use these pads for routine maintenance, inspections, and emergency repairs. The inclusion of a durable storage case offers convenient organization and portability for the jacking pads, while the manufacturer's Certification of Conformance guarantees that all components meet stringent industry standards. The G601R071001-1 CRJ Jacking Pads Kit is an indispensable tool that provides reliable support for the safe and efficient servicing of CRJ-series aircraft.