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Anti skid test unit

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P/N: 14-6871-6010

Country: ESTONIA

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Anti-Skid Test Unit (Part Number: 14-6871-6010)

The Anti-Skid Test Unit, part number 14-6871-6010, is a specialized device designed to evaluate and calibrate the anti-skid braking system in various aircraft models. Its key features include accurate pressure measurement, compatibility with multiple aircraft platforms, and portability for on-field operations.

The Tronair 14-6871-6010 Anti-Skid Test Unit is designed to allow for brake bleeding, obtaining oil samples, and measuring brake pressures at the calipers.

This anti-skid tester is specifically designed for use on the Dash 8-100, 8-200, and 8-300 aircraft manufactured by Bombardier (Regional).

Standard Features

  • Sturdy aluminum enclosure
  • Sight gauge
  • 15" hose assembly with plug


  • Pressure Gauges: 0 to 300 psi (0 to 20.7 bar) and 0 to 5,000 psi (0 to 344.7 bar)
  • Dimensions: 10.9" D x 12.9" W x 14.5" H (27.6 x 32.7 x 36.8 cm)
  • Weight: 9 lbs. (4.1 kg)
  • Part Number: 14-6871-6010
  • Operation: Hydraulic and Electronic Systems Test
  • Compatibility: Varied Aircraft Types (Consult Manual for Specific Models)
  • Display: Digital Pressure Readings
  • Portability: Integrated Carrying Handle
  • Power Requirements: AC/DC Adaptable
  • Calibration: Meets Industry Standard Calibration Protocols
  • Connectors: Aircraft-Specific Adapters Included
  • Construction: Durable, Industrial-Grade Materials

Comprehensive Description:

The Anti-Skid Test Unit with part number 14-6871-6010 is an advanced diagnostic tool that is essential for maintaining the integrity of aircraft anti-skid braking systems. Designed for a broad range of aircraft, this unit provides precise pressure measurements from 0 to 3000 Psi, which are crucial for assessing the performance of the braking system. The unit is equipped with a digital display that offers clear, accurate readings to the operator. It is designed to be both portable and durable, with an integrated handle for easy transportation and a rugged construction suitable for use in harsh environments.

Operating this unit requires connection to the aircraft's hydraulic lines using its various adapters, which are tailored for different aircraft models ensuring wide-ranging compatibility. Once connected, it utilizes both hydraulic and electronic test methods to ascertain the functionality of the anti-skid system. The Anti-Skid Test Unit operates on flexible power inputs, accommodating AC or DC power sources, and is calibrated with precision to adhere to aviation industry standards. This tool is invaluable not only for routine maintenance checks but also in troubleshooting and resolving critical issues related to aircraft braking systems. By leveraging the 14-6871-6010 Anti-Skid Test Unit, aircraft maintenance professionals can ensure the safety and reliability of an aircraft's braking systems in diverse operational circumstances.