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Tron-air tire pressure gauge

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P/N: 14-6806-6011

Country: ESTONIA

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Tron-air Tire Pressure Gauge (Part No. 14-6806-6011)

The Tron-air Tire Pressure Gauge is a high-precision instrument designed for accurate tire pressure checks. This durable and reliable tool is suitable for a wide range of aircraft, ensuring proper tire inflation and flight safety.

HOSE LENGTH IN (CM) - 24 (61)



  • Part Number: 14-6806-6011
  • Pressure Range: 0 to 300 psi (0 to 2068 kPa)
  • Resolution: 1 psi
  • Accuracy: ±1% of full scale
  • Calibration: Traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • Connection: Swivel dual-foot chuck
  • Display Type: Analog with a large dial face for easy reading
  • Material: Durable metal casing with protective rubber guard
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20°F to 160°F (-29°C to 71°C)


The Tron-air Tire Pressure Gauge, part number 14-6806-6011, is engineered for performance and longevity. It features a large, easy-to-read analog dial that eliminates the margin of error seen in common gauges. With a comprehensive pressure range from 0 to 300 psi and a highly accurate measurement with ±1% of full scale, aircraft mechanics can trust the tool for consistent and precise readings necessary for maintaining optimal tire pressures. Unique to this model is the swivel dual-foot chuck which facilitates easy access to the valve stem from various angles, ensuring compatibility with diverse tire configurations. Constructed with a robust metal casing and a protective rubber guard, the Tron-air Tire Pressure Gauge is resilient in harsh hangar environments. Additionally, its calibration is traceable to the NIST, confirming its precision and accuracy. This gauge operates effectively within a broad temperature range, demonstrating reliability under various climate conditions. For aviation professionals prioritizing tire maintenance for safety and efficiency, the Tron-air 14-6806-6011 is an essential tool in any aircraft servicing kit.