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737 Main Landing Gear Socket

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P/N: F80168-3

Country: ESTONIA

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737 Main Landing Gear Socket - F80168-3

The 737 Main Landing Gear Socket, part number F80168-3, is a specialized tool designed for the removal and installation of the main landing gear nut in Boeing 737 aircraft models. The socket ensures a secure and precise fit, minimizing the risk of damage during maintenance procedures.


  • Part Number: F80168-3
  • Compatibility: Boeing 737 Main Landing Gear Nut
  • Material: High-strength alloy steel
  • Drive Size: 3/4 inch
  • Socket Type: 12-point, deep
  • Finish: Corrosion-resistant coating


The F80168-3 Main Landing Gear Socket is a crucial tool tailored specifically for Boeing 737 maintenance teams. Fabricated from high-strength alloy steel, this 12-point deep socket is engineered to endure the high torque requirements necessary for landing gear nut installation and removal. It is designed with a 3/4 inch drive size, facilitating compatibility with a range of torque wrenches and ensuring a seamless integration into existing toolsets.

Expertly crafted to match the exact contours of the main landing gear nut, the F80168-3 prevents slippage and rounding-off of corners, contributing to the longevity of the hardware and promoting workplace safety. The corrosion-resistant coating applied to the socket provides enhanced durability and resistance to the harsh environments experienced in aviation maintenance hangars and airfields.

Precision and reliability are paramount when it comes to aircraft maintenance, and the F80168-3 Main Landing Gear Socket delivers by providing a confident grip and facilitating efficient maintenance routines. By using this tool, aircraft mechanics can ensure thorough and safe service, reducing aircraft downtime and increasing the reliability of the landing gear system.