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Safety sleeve T/R door actuator

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P/N: 018426

Country: ESTONIA

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Compact Protective Safety Sleeve for T/R Door Actuator - Part No. 018426

The Safety Sleeve for T/R Door Actuator, part number 018426, is designed to offer a high level of protection and durability during the operation and servicing of thrust reverser door actuators. This safety sleeve is specially crafted to prevent contamination and minimize the risk of damage to the actuator components.


  • Part Number: 018426
  • Material: High-grade, impact-resistant polymer
  • Compatibility: Tailored to fit T/R door actuators
  • Resistant Properties: Oil, hydraulic fluid, and aviation-grade chemical resistant
  • Safety Compliance: Meets industry standard safety regulations
  • Temperature Range: Optimal performance in temperatures between -30°C and 70°C (-22°F and 158°F)
  • Weight: Lightweight construction for easy handling and application
  • Color: High-visibility color to ensure easy identification in a toolkit and operational environment


The Safety Sleeve, designated with part number 018426, is a must-have for any aircraft maintenance toolkit. Its use is imperative in safeguarding the integrity of thrust reverser door actuators from potential damage due to impacts, contaminants, and handling errors. Constructed from a highly-resistant polymer, the sleeve ensures that actuators are shielded from environmental elements, as well as exposure to hydraulic fluids and other harsh chemicals often found in aviation environments. The design aligns perfectly with the contours of the actuator, offering a secure fit without hindering the operative's ability to perform adjustments or servicing. This safety measure not only extends the lifespan of the actuator itself but also improves maintenance safety by preventing accidental contact with delicate components of the actuator. Facilitating compliance with safety standards, the safety sleeve is an essential addition to optimize the longevity and reliable operation of thrust reverser systems on various aircraft models.