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P/N: FRX194

Country: ESTONIA

Manufactured by OEM: No

Quantity: 1


Oxygen Service Cart (Part No. FRX194)

The Oxygen Service Cart FRX194 is designed for efficient servicing of aircraft oxygen systems. This unit features a robust build, precise flow control, and integrates seamlessly with various aircraft models.


  • Capacity: Dual-cylinder design (cylinders are not included)
  • Flow Rate: Adjustable up to 3000 psi
  • Hose Length: 15 feet with standard AN fittings
  • Gauge Accuracy: ±2% FS (Full Scale)
  • Chassis: Tubular steel frame with corrosion-resistant coating
  • Wheels: Heavy-duty, pneumatic for hangar and tarmac maneuverability
  • Dimensions: 45”H x 20”W x 34”L
  • Weight: 85 lbs (without cylinders)

Comprehensive Description:

The FRX194 Oxygen Service Cart is a critical tool for aviation professionals tasked with maintaining and servicing the oxygen systems of various aircraft. This specialized cart allows for precise control of oxygen flow, up to 3000 psi, facilitating efficient and safe replenishment of oxygen supplies. The dual-cylinder capability ensures that users can carry ample oxygen in a compact and maneuverable footprint, although the actual cylinders must be procured separately.

With its 15-foot-long hose equipped with standard AN fittings, the FRX194 can easily reach service points on various aircraft without the need for additional adapters. The gauge provided with the cart offers high accuracy with a ±2% deviation on full scale, allowing for precise measurements and reduced risk of overfilling.

The cart’s durability is evidenced by its sturdy tubular steel frame and heavy-duty pneumatic wheels, which are designed to withstand the demanding environments of hangars and tarmacs. The corrosion-resistant coating on the chassis ensures longevity and reliability in different weather conditions. Its dimension and weight (85 lbs without cylinders) balance out the need for sturdiness with ease of use and maneuverability. The FRX194 is equipped with features that ensure safe and efficient operation, making it an essential piece of equipment for the proper maintenance and operation of aircraft oxygen systems.